Thursday, February 26, 2009

Twitter?? I barely know her

Come visit me at  Ill be there hanging out.  Am I a complete narcissist to think that you care that im walking my dog when im walking my dog???  Maybe, but, nobodies perfect.  Thank you for keeping me doing what im doing.  God Bless

Monday, February 23, 2009

This weekend come on a date w/ me...

Ill be here this weekend.  At the Workplay theatre in Birmingham,Al.  Wont you join?  March 1st 8pm.  Hope to see you all there

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Whats on your desk?

This is my incredibly messy desk.  Its where i work alot...

*notice the essential headgear Dodgers hat (Manny is the man) and the Fedora (which ensures me coolness comparable to justin timberlake and jason mraz)
*Way over due DVDS
*of course the Mac
*Yellow Legal pad(essential to my creative process) Billboard mag (for motivation)
*Picture of My grandad (pops was the man)
*and last but not least books ive never read but make me look legit if a girl ever comes by my desk haha.....kidding...but seriously.

Music Music Music

These are some records im really digging on right now...

This is the always classic Raphael Saadiq.  Im loving this record right now.  Makes you wanna be in love.  He is  a great writer and artist.

This is Zoey Deschanel's group She and Him.  Totally viby record.  I love it.  Her voice has such a soothing quality.

This Chick's name Is Jessie J.  My newest love affair.  This Girl is bananas.  Her voice is unreal.  She doesnt have a record out yet.  She is from the Uk and is about to put a record out through universal republic.  She is inspiring.  Unreal pipes.  Check her out

Cell phones have become cameras?

Ya'll Know how it goes....if you don't...then you should probably hit this

The Drum Machine of Life...

The Linn Drum Machine is the machine that changed alot.  Atleast for me.  Created by this dude Roger Linn.  Prince and the 80's made this machine famous.  This is a new version of it that is to be released soon.  Alot of sounds from this machine are still used today.  I know ive used em.  Slick looking huh???  


If the shoe fits part deux..

Just a few more...These are sick.  Genreic Man s/s 09 collection...Ya'll should buy me some!!

If the Shoe Fits...

For those of you who dont know.  I am a sneaker fanatic.  I love em.  I have to many pairs for my own good. This a great sneaker company  that was created in Orange County, California called Creative Recreation.  Its a lifestyle brand that is marketed towards young professional with style.  Im a huge fan!!  Check em out at


Nothing says welcome like a really amazingly beautiful woman.  So there ya go.  Just wanna welcome you guys to my official blog.  Super excited.  This a great way for to keep you guys updated on whats goin on with me.  Also, a way to learn what im digging on as far as music,fashion, whatever.  Thanks For Coming by.